Our EPC Approach
to Engineering Procurement and Construction


As your project execution expert, we provide complete oversight from concept to start-up. Internally executing all project steps, from planning and engineering to fabrication and construction, our strategic EPC approach provides you with the project supply chain certainty that keeps project life cycles intact while also reducing owner's cost.

Singular Responsibility. Increased Price Certainty. Minimized Risk.

H+M's EPC Approach to Engineering Procurement and Construction

At H+M, We Plan Ahead, to Keep You Ahead

Front End Planning aims to gather the necessary information for you to make decisions about your project. Whether you’re in the Feasibility, Concept, or Detailed Scope phase of your project, H+M can guide you through the engineering and cost information required to choose the best path forward for your project.

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"Success results from proper planning and the front end planning process is your first step toward achieving a thought-out, controlled, and successful project.  The front end planning process unlocks the potential to reduce your project’s total life cycle cost by 25% - 30% (CII)."
Kevin Bautz
Director of Project Development

Engineering that's designed with a Construction focus.

We know that the success of any project starts with the design. Through a detailed and precise design process, our engineers collaborate across departments and use proprietary systems to build projects faster and with the highest accuracy.

Featured Project

Chemical Plant Project | H+M Industrial EPC

The goal of the chemical plant project was to develop a new process area and a new tank farm. H+M was tasked with the design and construction of the process area for a new product and the tank farm that supplies new feed to an existing reactor unit.

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"Whether we start a project from just an idea or begin with a completed FEED package, our team of engineers and designers have the experience and capabilities to advance projects to and through the construction phase that will meet your exact facility needs."
Greg Simank, P. E.
Chief Engineer

Procurement is an Exact Science

H+M's EPC procurement process maintains project deadlines by staying ahead of time and material needs, so that construction remains on schedule. Identifying long lead times as early as possible help reduce unexpected delays.

"H+M's EPC procurement process enables our team to provide materials in accordance with project schedule requirements by using detailed planning methods for material requirements in advance of project award to maintain on-time project delivery."
Terry Baker
Supply Chain Manager
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Keep construction moving with project certainty

Successful construction requires planning with overall scope in mind. Through our integrated EPC process, we ensure that your project and its design are as accurate as possible.

Our in-house fabrication facility delivers unmatched quality control to your project alongside increased safety due to less people physically on-site.

The result?

Lower downtime for construction, minimal change orders, and projects that stay on schedule.

Featured Project

Thermal Oxidizer Construction for VOC Emission Reduction in Texas

The primary goal of this thermal oxidizer construction in Texas was to install VOC capture and destruction equipment (thermal oxidizer) to substantially reduce VOC emissions to the atmosphere. This project included modification of a tank farm, truck rack, warehouse, and rail spurs in addition to the installation of a thermal oxidizer, bladder tanks, and all associated equipment, piping, and instrumentation.

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"We possess the unique ability to swiftly and seamlessly execute EPC projects in-house, which are driven from concept to completion by the construction execution philosophy and schedule that our clients require."
Archie Alexander
Director of Construction
      Achieve success at every project stage.
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“For more than 35 years, we have provided leading capital project execution services to the energy, chemical, and terminal and logistics industries. We would love to sit down with you and discuss your design-build, engineering, and construction needs.”
Robyn Hall
Marketing Director
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