Mercaptan Removal

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Key Insights

  • Full EPC package included detailed engineering designs for the entire system, including equipment sizing, piping layout, instrumentation and control systems, and electrical design.
  • During construction, H+M managed various disciplines, including civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical.
  • Other deliverables included procurement of equipment/materials.


H+M worked with the client to procure a UOP-licensed mercaptan removal process (Merox) technology package to reduce mercaptan in their Naphtha/Diesel finished product.

The Problem

Developing a mercaptan removal process in the Naptha/Diesel finished product required close collaboration with the client to define specific process requirements and objectives and carefully select and procure the proper equipment.


  • Proper recognition of safety hazards and coordination with plant operations: H+M collaborated with the client to plan and schedule construction activities, ensuring resource allocation, work sequencing, and adherence to safety regulations.
  • Timely acquisition of required equipment/materials: This project required careful selection of equipment, materials, and suppliers based on expertise and compatibility with the UOP-licensed technology. 
  • Construction management and installation supervision: Managing various disciplines, including civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical, as well as supervision to ensure successful installation and integration of the mercaptan removal process.
  • Testing and inspection: Conducting rigorous testing and inspection throughout the process to verify functionality, performance, and compliance with safety regulations


The outcome of the mercaptan removal project included the following:

  • Timely project completion and client satisfaction: The project achieved its objectives, delivered value to the client facility. Implementation of the UOP-licensed mercaptan treating process technology resulted in the desired reduction of mercaptan in the Naphtha/Diesel finished product. H+M's collaborative approach, effective communication, coordination, and goal alignment with the client facilitated the project's success.

Project Comments

“H+M maintained a collaborative approach with the client, emphasizing effective communication, coordination, and goal alignment throughout the project. This enabled us to meet project objectives and deliver value to the client's facility while finishing on time and within budget.”
David Bull
Sr Project Manager

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