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With over 35 years of expertise, H+M Industrial EPC is a trusted provider of energy transition engineering and construction projects. Serving a wide range of industries along the Gulf Coast, our dedication to excellence in engineering design, procurement, and construction services has solidified our reputation as a leading choice for capital projects. 

Energy transition projects in the energy and chemicals industries encompass various initiatives to reduce emissions, enhance efficiency, and shift towards sustainable energy sources. Key areas include carbon capture and storage, hydrogen production, biofuels and biomass, nuclear energy, energy storage, waste-to-energy processes, and emerging clean technologies, among others.

At H+M Industrial EPC, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge EPC services tailored to the specific demands of these various energy transition projects.. Our record of delivering on-time, on-budget project execution underscores our commitment to meeting and surpassing performance benchmarks.

When you choose H+M as your single-source supplier, you gain a partner who can oversee your energy transition project from initial design to startup. This approach ensures that your vision is realized, resulting in a streamlined workflow, price certainty, and up to 30% savings on startup time. Our clients benefit from quicker project completion, reduced change orders, and minimized re-work, ultimately providing a better return on investment.

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H+M Energy Transition Engineering—Recent Projects

We take pride in offering a unified approach to energy transition engineering and construction projects, which result in superior deliverables for our clients. Our in-house capabilities ensure seamless coordination, efficient communication, and outstanding project outcomes. Consider a few of our most recent projects below. 


Brownfield Custom-Designed Scrubber in Texas

2 months

Key Insights

  • Simulated client’s process inputs for the project 
  • Consulted with tower internals company to size packing and liquid/vapor distribution
  • Completed 100% of the fabrication work for the project at the H+M shop

Chemical Plant Reactor Systems Upgrade in South Texas

12 months

Key Insights

  • EPC package included detailed designs for civil, mechanical, structural, piping, layouts, wiring, and electrical. 
  • Other deliverables included 3D modeling, fabrication, procurement of equipment/materials, piping/mechanical, civil/structural, and E&I construction

Thermal Oxidizer Construction for VOC Emission Reduction in Texas

10 months

Key Insights

  • New vapor return system and Thermal Oxidizer
  • Retrofit and addition of existing plant infrastructure
  • Tight timeline to meet Environmental Compliance date
  • Commissioning Support was provided to ensure Thermal Oxidizer was successfully FAT tested

Why Choose H+M Industrial EPC?

  • At H+M Industrial EPC, we go beyond standard energy transition engineering and construction services. We take the time to truly understand client requirements, allowing us to tailor innovative solutions that precisely meet their needs.
  • Throughout the project lifecycle, we foster open communication and collaboration. We work closely with clients to encourage the best project outcomes and value their input.
  • We stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices to ensure our solutions are always cutting-edge and effective.
  • Our commitment to safety and quality sets us apart from competitors, allowing us to deliver projects that meet the highest standards.
  • Our energy transition engineering and construction services are backed by over three decades of experience and a proven track record of success, ensuring that your project achieves your original vision on time and within budget.

Safety & Quality


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“For more than 35 years, we have provided leading capital project execution services to the energy, chemical, and terminal and logistics industries. We would love to sit down with you and discuss your design-build, engineering, and construction needs.”
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