3D Laser Scanning Services in Texas

3D Laser Scanning Services in Texas
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Unlock Efficiency With 3D Laser Scanning Services

At H+M Industrial EPC, we leverage cutting-edge 3D laser scanning services in Texas and along the gulf coast to revolutionize your capital project's engineering efficiency. Our in-house scanning services employ state-of-the-art techniques that ensure exceptional dimensional accuracy, clash detection, and clarity in the final product.

By integrating 3D laser scanning into every aspect of our services, we deliver a comprehensive solution that maximizes potential. Our unique EPC approach seamlessly incorporates this service at every phase, providing continuous benefits throughout the project lifecycle.

3D Laser Scanning Services in Texas:

  • Leverages cutting-edge laser scanning technology to ensure accurate and precise project execution. 
  • Provides guidance from experts in 3D scanning and early identification of difficulties, helping to identify challenges and minimize disruptions during project execution.
  • Includes virtual walkthroughs and detailed scans to enable advanced project visualization, allowing stakeholders to explore the project in a virtual environment.
  • Working with an experienced and knowledgeable EPC contractor can help you achieve your project vision on time and within budget.

Advantages of H+M’s 3D Laser Scanning Services in Texas

Whether you require design-build or design-bid-build project delivery, our 3D laser scanning services provide unique advantages and greater efficiency through each phase of your project, from front-end planning to construction. Our use of cutting-edge laser scanning technology produces predictable project execution while reducing project risks.

Benefits During the Front-End Planning Phase

Benefits During the Detail Engineering and Design Phase

  • Virtual walkthroughs
  • Early identification of issues and difficulties
  • Assistance in producing optimal project options
  • Remote or tight location accessibility
  • Continuous workflow without delays
  • Scan integration into CADworx 
  • Model reviews with scan overlays 
  • Image capture via laser scanner
  • Alignment of operations and maintenance interests
  • Ability to design around obstructions
  • Elimination of inaccuracies and uncertainty
  • Ability to overlay existing infrastructure with new

Benefits During the Procurement and Fabrication Phase

Benefits During the Construction Phase

  • Verification of critical fabrication items
  • Ability to provide seamless installation
  • Increased time for necessary adjustments
  • Minimization of rework
  • Cost savings from scanning upfront
  • Integration of all disciplines to minimize field errors
  • Quick mitigation of issues after project start

Why Choose H+M for 3D Laser Scanning Services in Texas?

 Photo of H+M’s equipment for 3D Laser Scanning Services in Texas
  • We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality 3D laser scanning services that help our clients achieve their business and project objectives.
  • We prioritize our client's needs and goals, working collaboratively to achieve their vision.
  • Our commitment to safety and quality sets us apart from competitors, allowing us to deliver projects that meet the highest standards while positively impacting the environment and the communities we serve. 
  • Our capital project services are backed by over three decades of experience and successful project completion, ensuring that your project achieves your original vision on time and within budget.
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35+ Years of Capital Project Services

For more than three decades, H+M has evolved alongside the industry to ensure that we can meet the needs of our clients and provide unmatched customer service.

Our core values and vision guide us, and we strive to be one of the most trusted EPC companies in our industry. We provide maximum value to clients by hiring and retaining the best employees, developing future talent, and encouraging a culture of responsibility and accountability.


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