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Additional Comprehensive Services for Your Capital Project

H+M Industrial EPC offers a range of integrated engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services to meet the needs of your capital project. Our experienced team of skilled engineers is committed to producing high-quality work in accordance with your exact specifications and requirements. Our services range from new vessel construction and repairs to modular process systems and innovative 3D laser scanning to ensure the best project outcomes.

By integrating engineering, procurement, and construction services, we can deliver the high-quality work that your project deserves. Discover the H+M advantages and how our customized solutions can help ensure your project’s success. 

H+M’s Additional Services

H+M Industrial EPC provides a wide variety of services for your capital project that can help save you time and money. With our engineering, procurement, and construction services, we can complete your project on time and within budget while ensuring your  project's specifications and requirements are met.

While these value-added services are fully integrated into our EPC approach, some services are available as individual a-la-carte options.

New Vessel Construction

H+M offers cost-effective engineering, fabrication, and delivery of custom ASME pressure vessels and storage tanks that meet your exact specifications.

With our S-Stamp, U-Stamp, and R-Stamp, H+M performs all vessel fabrication work in-house to offer greater quality control and shorter turnaround times, resulting in a high-quality product that is delivered and installed at your facility on schedule. This includes:

  • ASME U Stamp
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys
  • Pressure Vessels up to 8’ D X 50’ L
  • Process Skids
  • Pig Launchers and Receivers
  • UT, RT, MT, PWHT, and Testing Services

Vessel Repairs

Modular Process Systems

With simple vessel repairs and maintenance, you can maximize equipment performance and lifespan while avoiding costly and time-consuming equipment replacement.

By increasing quality and reducing project duration, portable modular process systems can keep your projects on track, even if there is a need for incremental changes in the field.

Utilizing modularization can minimize inherent risks that accompany on-site construction, such as workers' safety, extreme weather, worker availability.

3D Laser Scanning

Maintenance Services

Your project can improve efficiency and reduce risk by leveraging 3D laser scanning, the most advanced scanning technology available. As a result, the final product will display improved dimensional accuracy, clash detection, and clarity.

3D laser scanning can provide benefits throughout the entire project lifecycle, from front-end planning and scope development to construction. Contact us today for more information.

Whether your plant is large or small, maintenance work helps sustain its longevity while ensuring the facility runs smoothly. With our robust database of skilled craftsmen, H+M can provide you with a committed maintenance crew to keep your facility in top shape.

Why Choose H+M for Additional Engineering Services?

  • At H+M Industrial EPC, we go beyond standard engineering services. We take the time to truly understand our clients’ unique requirements, allowing us to tailor innovative solutions that precisely meet their needs.
  • Throughout the project lifecycle, we foster open communication and collaboration. To encourage the best project outcomes, we work closely with clients and value their input.
  • We stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices to ensure our solutions are always cutting-edge and effective.
  • Our commitment to safety and quality sets us apart from competitors, allowing us to deliver projects that meet the highest standards.
  • Our capital project services are backed by over three decades of experience and a proven track record of success, ensuring that your project achieves your original vision on time and within budget.
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35+ Years of Capital Project Services

For more than three decades, H+M has evolved alongside the industry to ensure that we can meet the needs of our clients and provide unmatched customer service.

Our core values and vision guide us, and we strive to be one of the most trusted EPC companies in our industry. We provide maximum value to clients by hiring and retaining the best employees, developing future talent, and encouraging a culture of responsibility and accountability.


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