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The Safety + Quality of your project is our primary concern. Our focus is always on the strict adherence to world class safe industrial practices & quality control standards for your project needs.  Our construction safety commitment is based around inspiring a lifestyle of safety on every project.
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Safe Industrial Practice Is a way of life

Every job we undertake, including all planning and execution of work, starts with safety at the front of mind. Every EPC project we perform is evaluated for Extra Hazardous potential and then communicated across all levels.

Our safety culture is modeled by our leaders, mirrored by every employee, and is the cornerstone of who we are.

To abide by our H+M safety motto of Inspiring a Lifestyle of Safety, we took a new approach on how we evaluate work activities that have the potential to result in major consequences if not performed or planned out safely. As a result, the Extra Hazardous Work Program was implemented.

EHW Program Highlights:

  • Program goal is early detection and communication
  • Begins in Estimating/Proposal Phase using EHW Checklist
  • If Identified, Safe Work Plans are Created and Communicated
  • All plans must be approved by Corporate Management before work begins
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is Second Line of Defense
  • Crews can identify EHW, stop the job, & develop a Safe Work Plan for approval
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"Safety is caring about human beings.  It is these people who keep our companies in business and every person deserves to go home every single day to their loved ones. Safety is more than just a priority or a value, Safety must become a Lifestyle.  When you make something a Lifestyle, it becomes integrated into every part of your day, whether it is at work, home, or play." 

Jay Bice, SMS, CHST
Director of Health, Safety & Environmental

Exceptional Quality Control is Our Expectation

H+M project quality depends entirely on employee commitment and ownership at every level. We invest in extensive inspection training for our employees in all EPC disciplines to ensure our standard never waivers during your project.

H+M's in-house Quality Management Training program encompasses a cross disciplined focus to provide the highest quality deliverables.

  • Civil (how to manage 3rd party inspections)
  • Concrete (how to manage 3rd party inspections)
  • Structural Steel (understand basic bolting systems e.g. TC, DTI’s Turn of Nut)
  • Mechanical (Rotating and Static Equipment inspections)
  • Piping
  • Welding (Basic welding processes and PQR and WPS review per client requirements and ASME Sec. IX)
  • E & I (Overview of typical inspections)

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“Having Quality Professionals trained in Total Quality Management helps mitigate rework and builds a quality culture that you won't be able to help but appreciate and support. Training is the key to achieving this.”


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