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H+M Industrial EPC is based in Texas and provides capital project services throughout the South and the Gulf Coast. For clients in Louisiana and Texas, we can complete all stages in-house, from detail engineering to construction and commissioning. For other locations, such as Oklahoma and New Mexico, our strategic EPC approach is used in the design engineering stage to ensure that your project goals are met with an eye towards constructability. H+M is licensed in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, and that list grows daily as necessary for our clients’ needs.

EPC Management from H+M Industrial Engineering Company

We’ve completed numerous projects in the chemical, energy, and terminal and logistics sectors throughout the Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana. Our integrated construction and design teams allow us to develop projects that meet strict scope definitions and incorporate critical project management principles. Because we focus on mitigating potential risks such as cost overruns and safety hazards, H+M Industrial is an engineering company that can take advantage of project stage overlap to finish your capital projects quickly and efficiently.

With in-house fabrication and construction teams, H+M has expanded from an industrial engineering company into an EPC contractor with the capability to meet all capital project needs in Louisiana and Texas. Review our previous projects for examples of how our approach has fostered success for project owners.

Clients all over the United States, such as in New Mexico and Oklahoma, benefit from our EPC approach during the concept, front-end planning, and engineering stages to develop accurate cost estimates that can aid in assessing contractors during the bid and build stages. We ensure constructability and implement key principles of risk management so that you can focus on the bid and build segments.
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“Having Quality Professionals trained in Total Quality Management helps mitigate rework and builds a quality culture that you won't be able to help but appreciate and support. Training is the key to achieving this.”

Areas Served by H+M Industrial EPC

At H+M Industrial EPC, we value your vision, budget, and schedule and work to provide the highest level of transparency throughout the entire course of your project. If you have a project in one of the regions below, click to learn more about what we can do as a leading industrial engineering company serving these areas:

We are licensed in the following states:

If you’re looking for a leading industrial engineering company, look to our capital project experts at H+M Industrial EPC.