Modular Fabrication

H+M Modular Fabrication: The EPFC Approach

Choosing H+M Modular for your process modules, skids or custom fabricated equipment packages means that you get the benefit of a quality module fabricator combined with the know-how of complete project solutions.  

Leveraging decades of experience in EPC, H+M can take your project from concept to commissioning.  Our engineering team can provide Front-End Engineering support for scope definition, equipment selection, and optimal site layout to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of the modular design.  

From engineering to fabrication and assembly, our work is self-performed along the Texas Gulf Coast, meaning we have tighter control over the supply chain and project activities that affect your project.

Partnering with H+M Modular for custom-fabricated equipment, skids, and modules means working with industry experts committed to safety, quality and total project solutions.

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H+M Modular Fabrication: The EPFC Approach

During the development phase of your project, our team can help you determine the modular scope, the balance of plant scope, and provide Total Installed Cost estimates for the project. Our in-house engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction teams are integrated early to identify and mitigate challenges to supply chain and constructability issues.  The holistic approach increases your confidence that the appropriate technical and commercial priorities have been addressed in order to increase the probability of a successful project.

After the scope is determined, our execution teams will engineer, procure, and fabricate the project to specification.  Our team is co-located and works collaboratively to ensure the optimum solution. Below are just a few things to expect during standard project phases. 

Front-End Engineering:

  • Process Engineering
  • Equipment Selection
  • Equipment Layout/Location
  • TIC Estimates

Detail Engineering 

  • Detailed equipment, structural, piping, instrumentation, electrical drawings
  • Model reviews 


  • Material Planning and Management
  • Inspections and Logistics 
  • Preservation and Storage
  • Site Material Control

Fabrication, Assembly, and Testing:

  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Piping
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Coatings & Insulation
  • Factory Acceptance Testing

When to Choose Modular Fabrication

Remote Job Sites

Modular construction should be considered for projects in remote areas. Moving construction to a fabrication facility can help overcome logistical and operational challenges in remote areas.

Supply Chain Risk

Local supply and fabrication decrease the risk of supply chain disruption

Repeatable Units

When several of the same or similar units are to be produced, modular may be a good choice.

Controlled Fabrication

When precision and control over the construction process are required, moving construction to an offsite fabrication shop can provide greater project control while also ensuring higher safety and quality standards.

Labor Shortages

When skilled workers are scarce or expensive, modular construction offers an alternative that makes highly skilled workers more accessible and efficient.

Requirement for Minimal Onsite Labor

The modular approach could be the right choice if a project requires reducing onsite labor.

The Benefits of Modular Fabrication Solutions

Time savings from modular fabrication is one of the most well-known and strategic advantages of modular (or skid-built construction). Performing construction in a controlled environment eliminates common on-site delays caused by weather, scheduling conflicts, lack of workforce, and other unpredictable factors that can interrupt operations. 

With prefabricated modules or skid-mounted process systems, simultaneous progress on multiple fronts becomes possible. The reduced time to completion not only accelerates the return on investment for clients but also allows for quicker utilization of optimized facilities.

Benefits of Modular Solutions

Time Savings

Modular fabrication can shorten project timelines, eliminating common on-site delays. Simultaneous progress on multiple fronts accelerates project completion.

Cost Efficiency

Streamlined processes minimize unnecessary expenses, reducing financial outlays.

Quality Control

Modular solutions are often defined by precision and consistency. Each module must adhere to stringent standards, minimizing risks, errors, and revisions in the field.

Safety Improvement

The controlled environment of working in a fabrication shops improves safety levels. 

Engineering Expertise

A comprehensive approach toward the fabrication of modular process systems requires systematic planning, resulting in efficient and superior construction outcomes. 

H+M Modular Fabrication and Assembly Space

Our fabrication shop features 34,000+ sq. ft of production and acres of assembly and laydown space. The shop is located alongside our corporate offices and boasts best-in-class technologies, like HD Plasma Pipe Profiler, TipTig, Miller PipeWorx 400, and Process Pipe Cell systems. We're expanding these facilities to serve the energy and chemicals industries better, reflecting our commitment to meeting our clients' evolving needs. 

H+M Modular Fabrication: Key Differentiators

Decades of Experience

With over 35 years in the industry, H+M has a proven track record of delivering successful capital projects.

Company Purpose

Our company's mission of "building the future, delivering project success with winning teams, data, and systems" underscores a commitment to innovation and excellence.

End-to-End Solutions

We provide comprehensive engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and modular services, offering clients a single-source solution.

Expert Team

Our team of professionals has expertise in diverse project scopes, including oil & gas, petrochemical, and LNG ventures.

Client-Centric Approach

Clear communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle prioritize client needs and expectations.

Safety and Quality

Our dedication to safety and quality distinguishes us from competitors, ensuring projects meet the highest standards.

Our Process in Action

H+M's process is defined by internal behavior and processes that meet and exceed strict safety, quality, and efficiency standards. We take an in-depth, comprehensive approach to project execution that ensures every phase, from design to delivery, is optimized to produce consistent and exceptional results. The positive outcomes of this approach are exemplified by high levels of client satisfaction and fast turnaround times. 

With self-performing fabrication abilities, we maintain strict control of project schedules while consistently monitoring quality. Here's what you can expect from our modular fabrication solutions:

  • Truckable Modules: Our truckable module design and manufacturing expertise allows our team to excel at building modules of various types and sizes for the process industries. 
  • Certification and Fabrication Capabilities: Our work is backed by industry-recognized certifications, such as R Stamp and U Stamp. These endorsements guarantee the highest quality and safety standards in all aspects of construction. Our fabrication facilities are ready to handle a wide range of projects. 
  • Project Expertise: Multi-disciplinary engineering project experience in I&E, C/S, Piping, Mechanical, and Process. We take pride in our approach, which ensures your systems run smoothly and efficiently and are installed with little disruption to operations.
  • Engineering Excellence: Our highly skilled engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in modular plant construction, from design to final installation. Every process module we create demonstrates our dedication to design precision. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure project functionality.
  • Supply Chain Management: We optimize module delivery and assembly logistics. H+M’s supply chain management will ensure that your project stays on schedule and within budget.

Examples of H+M Modular Solutions

Pipe Rack Modules

Water Injection Skids

LACT Skids

Compressor Skids

Refrigeration Units

Metering Skids

Pump Skids

Loading Manifolds 

Scrubber Skids

Water Treatment Modules

Waste Gas Skids

Abatement Modules

Pilot Plant Modules

Modular Process Systems

Custom Equipment

Prefabricated Skids 

About H+M Industrial EPC

H+M Industrial EPC has been a leader in providing end-to-end capital project solutions within the energy, chemical, terminals, and logistics industries since 1988. We are driven by our purpose and dedicated to being a preferred partner for EPC capital projects. Our integrated, in-house approach to engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction services ensures consistent outcomes for our clients. With the added H+M Modular division, we also provide services for modular process systems, custom fabricated equipment, skids, and modules.

Partnering With H+M Modular

H+M Modular, a division of H+M Industrial EPC, specializes in custom-fabricated equipment, modules, and skids for the energy and chemical industries. The approach emphasizes the potential for decreased risk through more controlled fabrication, leading to enhanced quality and safety, reduced labor costs and construction times, improved labor availability, and solutions to geographic challenges. We are dedicated to providing trust, experience, and efficiency through all stages of traditional and modular construction projects using our proven EPFC approach. If you’re considering modular fabrication, we invite you to connect with us to learn more about how modular solutions can improve project outcomes.

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