Oxygen Piping System and Vaporizer Construction

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Key Insights

  • H+M Industrial EPC construction-only project consisted of the replacement of an oxygen piping system and vaporizer.
  • The field installation scope consisted of civil, structural, equipment, piping, and electrical disciplines, including pre-outage and outage work.
  • Additional scope details included excavation and installation of new foundations, including a prefabricated concrete foundation to support the new vaporizer burner, structural supports and platforms, stainless steel pipes for oxygen service, and electrical demolition.


H+M Industrial EPC completed a construction-only project in Ingleside, TX, near Corpus Christi. The project involved the replacement of the client's oxygen piping system and vaporizer.

The Problem

The client's primary goal was to increase their capacity and improve the reliability of the facility's oxygen backup system to ensure better efficiency.

The project involved several challenges, including the management of logistics, equipment requirements, and safety protocols during testing, excavations, and heavy lifts.


  • Piping pre-fabrication: Piping pre-fabrication was carried out at H+M's fabrication shop in Pasadena, TX to maximize efficiency, affording better control and flexibility to ensure on-time delivery. This strategy enabled better control, flexibility, and on-time delivery by eliminating interface points between third parties when possible.
  • Complex field installation: The field installation scope encompassed several disciplines, including civil structural, equipment, piping, and electrical. The critical aspect of the project involved the removal of the existing oxygen vaporizer, the installation of the new vaporizer, and the setting of a new control building. Utilizing a 400T crawler crane facilitated the safe and successful removal and installation of equipment.
  • Outage time and heavy lifts: The pre-insulation of the new vaporizer before the outage minimized costs and outage time. Further, careful planning and calculation of heavy lifts ensured the successful execution of equipment installation.


The outcome of the oxygen piping system and vaporizer construction project in Ingleside, TX included the following:

  • Removal of the old oxygen vaporizer
  • Efficient excavation and installation of new foundations
  • Installation of a new vaporizer and control building:
  • Implementation of structural supports and platforms
  • Installation of stainless steel piping for oxygen service
  • Electrical demo and installation of instruments

Timely project completion and client satisfaction: H+M Industrial EPC achieved exceptional results, safely and on time, through careful planning, precise execution, and strategic resource utilization. The replacement of the oxygen piping system and vaporizer met and exceeded the client's expectations.

Project Comments

"Our fabrication and construction team leveraged decades of experience to ensure timely completion and client satisfaction. Through meticulous planning and strategic execution, we empowered our clients to achieve their project goals."
Hugo McBride
Sr. Construction Manager

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