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Your industrial capital projects are complex. H+M has years of successful project experience utilizing our proven EPC approach to deliver your next project on time and budget. Your priorities are our priorities.

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The H+M project execution process takes your project priorities and aligns them with our resources to provide you with the best deliverables possible. Striving to become your preferred EPC contractor, your success is as important to us as our own.

Our EPC Approach
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Project Experience at Every Stage

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services

Our highly experienced teams at H+M utilize these proven engineering, procurement, and construction services that are fully integrated into our EPC approach to help benefit and ensure a successful project.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services

Front-End Planning Services

Every project should begin with the goal in mind. Learn how we help your team gauge feasibility, define the project scope, reduce risk, and achieve organizational alignment from concept to start-up. H+M helps implement a plan that incorporates supply and fabrication needs by understanding these workflows during the FEED process.

Front-End Planning Services

Detail Engineering & Design

Your capital project success depends on an integrated approach from the earliest stages. H+M Industrial EPC, a top engineering firm in Houston, is highly experienced with developing detailed project scopes during front-end planning and implementing project controls across each stage of the project.

Detail Engineering & Design


Our highly-developed procurement team works with the construction crews and the design team to ensure that lead times do not affect other elements of the capital project. By working to source construction parts and equipment using existing relationships, we can guarantee our timeframes and keep your schedules intact.


Industrial Fabrication Services

Capital projects like yours have no room for error. Our on-site fabrication facility and industrial fabrication services deliver unmatched project speed and value to you and your team. Unlike other industrial EPC service providers, we can produce our own parts rather than outsource them, speeding up time to construction.

Industrial Fabrication Services

Pressure Vessel Fabrication and Repair Services

Whether you require a new vessel construction, routine maintenance, or vessel repair, our pressure vessel fabrication and repair services and highly experienced construction team can help you save critical time in the field and keep your projects moving. H+M Industrial EPC offers these services independently or fully integrated into our EPC approach.

Pressure Vessel Fabrication and Repair Services
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EPC Dock Project: On-Time, Innovative Turnkey Services

Overlapping detail engineering/design with construction to expedite a stringent schedule while meeting client expectations.

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“The design-build effort for this project would not have been successful without the strategic and coordinated effort of all teams involved alongside the client. This allowed us to complete this project without disrupting operations.”
Brandon Hogan, P.E.
President & CEO - H+M Industrial EPC


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From front-end engineering to fabrication and construction, H+M can help you along any stage of your capital project.

As a top industrial EPC contractor, our team delivers consistent, high-quality capital project execution services.

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“For more than 30 years, we have provided leading capital project execution services to the energy, chemical, and terminal and logistics industries. We would love to sit down with you and discuss your design-build, engineering, and construction needs.”
Robyn Hall
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