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Key Insights

  • EPC package included detailed designs for civil, mechanical, structural, piping, layouts, wiring, and electrical. 
  • Other deliverables included 3D modeling, fabrication, procurement of equipment/materials, piping/mechanical, civil/structural, and E&I construction.


The goal of the chemical plant project was to develop a new process area and a new tank farm. H+M was tasked with the design and construction of the process area for a new product and the tank farm that supplies new feed to an existing reactor unit.

The Problem

  • Emulating an existing process area in one unit while expanding to accommodate new, additional raw materials, such as powders and solvents. A combination of powders and solvents was to be used to create a viscous material to be released in a cleanroom environment to form a film—the finished product. 
  • Reconfiguring existing reactors in the other unit for the production of new materials. An entirely new tank farm was required to be built to supply the new raw materials to the reactors. Pipe routing and supports were supplied throughout an existing structure.


  • Proper recognition and communication of potential fire and explosion hazards: Design and construction in a cleanroom require special considerations owing to the potential safety hazards posed by raw materials present in the area and rerouting to feed the new process. Early evaluation of safety hazards and proper communication resulted in zero incidents.  
  • Coordination with plant operations: As both units were in production during the time of construction, H+M needed to coordinate with plant operations to schedule breaks and reassign work areas around critical production tasks. Line testing required exclusion zones that demanded coordination and communication with personnel on-site. As a result, H+M performed the task during off-hours or with short notice in some instances. 
  • Prolonged delivery timeline on several filters: To eliminate the impact of equipment delays, H+M shop fabricated the housings.


The outcome of the chemical plant reactor systems upgrade in South Texas included the following:

  • Continuing operations at the facility: Through clear communication with the client, H+M ensured that the construction schedule did not interfere with the ongoing operations at the facility.
  • Construction in the first project area: The first project area was partially demolished to construct: 
  • ~A new foundation and pier work, 
  • ~A new structure to support cable tray and piping, and 
  • ~A new mezzanine to support process equipment. 

New piping was installed for the new production area, including tie-ins to existing lines. The jacketed pipe was designed with special considerations to be electro-polished and inspected by the client before installation. 

  • Construction in the second project area: The installation of the new tank farm in the second project area required site preparation. Tie-ins were made with piping runs throughout the unit to supply existing raw materials and utilities. The materials were supplied to the existing reactors several stories high in the reactor structure that required careful consideration for pipe routing and support. After construction was complete, our team supported the PSSRs.

Project Comments

“H+M was selected for this project because of our impeccable history of success with EPC projects. Our project team has a wide range of industry experience, allowing us to quickly and easily meet challenges, and our full-service offerings allowed us to successfully execute the project from start to finish.”
Brandon Hogan, P.E.
President and CEO, H+M Industrial EPC

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