Underground Piping Construction

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Key Insights

  • H+M Industrial EPC was responsible for the project management, supervision, shop and field labor, fabrication, supply and operation of equipment, safety management, transportation, subcontract management, and other goods and services required for the underground piping construction project. 
  • The construction phase included excavation, shoring, bedding, coating, installation, hydro testing, and backfill of several piping systems.


H+M recently completed an underground piping construction project for a new Methyl Methacrylate facility in Bay City, TX. This project aimed to install critical infrastructure, including underground piping and electrical systems, to support the customer's new facility.

The Problem

Installing multiple piping systems such as cooling water, firewater, wastewater, sanitary sewer, plant air, instrument air, boiler blowdown, and sulfuric acid was the project's main challenge and called for careful planning and execution. Additionally, managing the logistics, safety protocols, and equipment requirements for testing and excavations presented additional hurdles, necessitating thorough planning and precise execution.


  • Complex piping systems and concrete placement: Coordinating the excavation and placement of multiple piping systems and concrete placement for electrical duct banks, lift station, sanitary sewer manhole, and electrical vaults.
  • Installation of piping systems: Managing the procurement, installation, and testing of several piping systems involving different pipe sizes and materials.
  • Fabrication and installation of cooling water lines: Executing the fabrication and installation of carbon steel cooling water supply and return lines, including aboveground and underground hydro testing and deep excavations.


The outcome of the underground piping construction project in Bay City, TX, included the following:

  • Installation of components, including:
    • 4,250 LF of 20" HDPE pipe (Fresh Water)
    • 2,040 LF of 18"/24" HDPE pipe (Waste Water)
    • 900 LF of 3" and smaller Utility piping (Stainless Steel/PVC).
  • Fabrication and installation of 1,250 LF of carbon steel cooling water supply and return lines.
  • Timely project completion and client satisfaction: H+M Industrial EPC delivered a successful underground piping construction project that met the client's expectations and provided critical infrastructure for the new industrial facility.

Project Comments

“H+M was selected for this project because of our established history of success with EPC projects. From start to finish, our team of experts managed every step, ensuring critical infrastructure for the new facility met client expectations.”
Diveyen Jivan
Sr. Project Manager

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