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April 1, 2024
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Modular process systems, also known as skidded systems, have become an increasingly popular, cost-effective, and efficient way to optimize existing facilities and systems. Modular solutions can be the right choice when a company has tight construction timelines and needs to maintain strict safety and quality levels, or when located in a geographic location that makes access to on-site labor more difficult to attain. But what exactly are skidded systems, and what are their benefits? We will discuss this topic in more detail below. 

What Is a Modular Process System?

Modular process systems differ from traditional stick-built systems in that they are built on frames or skids in a controlled manufacturing environment and under the supervision of a team of experts rather than on a construction site. 

Manufacturing occurs concurrently with on-site construction, which can significantly reduce time to market. Finished, pre-assembled units are thoroughly tested before being delivered to the job site for final installation. 

Modular systems are ideal for industries looking for high-quality, custom-made solutions that meet specific use cases and requirements. They can be easily transported, and installation should have very little effect on ongoing operations, which means little to no downtime. 

Modular Process Systems





Tailored to meet specific industry standards and operational needs.

Designed for easy transport and installation at operation sites.

Cost-effective, time-saving, flexible, and enhances safety.

A wide range of applications across several industry verticals. 

The Benefits of Modular Process Systems

Modular process systems offer a wide range of benefits, especially in terms of cost-savings, faster time to market, efficiency, safety, and quality. We’ve summarized some of their key advantages below:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: They significantly reduce the need for costly on-site construction.
  • Rapid Installation and Startup: Installing pre-fabricated units allows for quicker setup and less operational disruption.
  • Space Efficiency: Their compact design makes them suitable for environments with limited space.
  • Safety: Controlled manufacturing settings mitigate many workplace hazards, such as climate and weather variables, and their effects on hazardous equipment operation. Further, modular units are built horizontally, eliminating the risk of falls at the workplace. 
  • Quality: These systems are built in a regulated environment, ensuring each unit meets high-quality benchmarks.

Is a Modular Process System Right For You?

Modular process systems could be a strong fit for your project if you’re operating in an industry requiring high efficiency with little downtime. Skidded systems are particularly valuable when there’s a need to adhere to strict quality and safety standards and when tight project deadlines are involved. 

However, while modular systems benefit many industry verticals, their application can be limited by the components' size. In cases where process components are excessively large for portable skids, these systems might not be the best fit for your project. 

For a thorough understanding of their benefits and a comprehensive assessment of whether modular process systems are best suited for your capital project, it’s important to consult an industry expert who can provide you with the advice you need to make an informed decision. 

H+M Modular System Applications

H+M Modular’s construction services are at the forefront of capital project excellence. We specialize in creating truckable modules known for quality and precision. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, ensuring that every module we construct aligns with our client's specific requirements. 

Our solutions are precision-engineered and adhere to strict industry standards. We can provide all services needed to build the module - from planning to fabrication - all components self-performed by H+M employees. 

H+M Modular Process Systems

Pipe Rack Modules

Water Injection Skids

LACT Skids

Compressor Skids

Refrigeration Units

Metering Skids

Pump Skids

Loading Manifolds 

Scrubber Skids

Water Treatment Modules

Waste Gas Skids

Abatement Modules

Pilot Plant Modules

Modular Process Systems

Custom Equipment Packages

Prefabricated Skids

H+M Modular—Certified Modular Process System Solutions

If you're looking for a more efficient and flexible construction solution for your next project, H+M Modular offers cutting-edge solutions built in our cutting-edge, on-site fabrication shop. We take pride in our approach, which ensures that your systems operate reliably and efficiently and your project is completed on time and within budget.

H+M Modular specializes in providing exceptional capital project execution from concept to start-up for clients across the United States. For over three decades, we have provided end-to-end solutions for a wide range of project sizes within the energy, chemical, and terminals and logistics industries. 

We are dedicated to providing trust, experience, and efficiency through all stages of engineering, procurement, and construction through our proven strategic EPC approach. Our comprehensive services, including front-end planning, detail engineering and design, procurement, fabrication, and construction allow us to take your project from conception to completion, tailoring engineering and design solutions to meet your unique needs.

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