Industrial Fabrication Services
On Site Fabrication Services
At H+M, our approach to industrial EPC with state-of-the-art and on-site fabrication services makes your pre-fabrication efforts a success. Fabrication work is streamlined with an ideal material handling environment and advanced fabrication and welding equipment.
At H+M Industrial EPC, we always ensure you receive consistent delivery at the highest quality. Our expertise in industrial fabrication services, along with our in-house team of multi-discipline engineers, helps you gain control of the pre-construction steps of your capital project. By providing insight at every stage, we meet the three cornerstones of successful fabrication—safety, quality, and accuracy.
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Industrial Fabrication Services

Collaborating with H+M means integrating the engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction aspects of your project. Our in-house and on-site industrial fabrication services provide innovative solutions to challenging designs across the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and alternative energy industries.        

State-of-the-Art Equipment

H+M’s new fabrication shops have over 12 acres of lay-down area for materials on the same campus as our corporate offices. Our robust in-house fabrication shops are outfitted with:

  • Advanced welding technologies: Miller PipeWorx 400, Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD), Plasma Cutting stations, and Red-D-Arc PPC.  
  • Automated welding equipment: Jimmy Jammer semi-automatic welding system, along with 8 roll out wheels and 2 overhead cranes.  

Sprawling Layout Space

Our expanded on-site fabrication shop is spread across 26,000 sq. ft of production space and 5,000 sq ft. of covered assembly space. With 16 welding stations in the sprawling space, we tripled the production capacity in 2020 to facilitate timely project execution for clients.   

Self-Performing Fabrication

With self-performing fabrication efforts, H+M maintains control over project schedules while consistently monitoring quality. Our self-performing fabrication capabilities reflect through our:

Versatility in Pipe Spooling & Pipe Fabrication

  • Wide range of pipe diameters: Carbon, galvanized carbon, duplex and super duplex, Monel, 300 series stainless, and most alloys in all diameters.  
  • High-quality modular piping systems: Basket strainers, instrument cabinets, jacketed pipe, platform, skids, and other engineered pipe supports.  


  • ASME Sec VIII vessel design and fabrication
  • ASME B31.3, B31.8, and B31.4
  • API 1104
  • NBIC code certificates for R, S, and U

"Digital Technology has become the fabric of our daily lives. The fabrication industry is no exception. Our new fabrication shop utilizes state of the art digital technology to meet the demands of our industry. This new technology requires the need to ensure quality is performed with more precision. Workforce training is essential to meet this demand across all departments."

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