Construction Procurement Services and Materials Management
Your Uninterrupted Supply Chain. At H+M Industrial EPC, we ensure your construction remains on schedule through comprehensive procurement management solutions and material services. We believe your project can benefit from a complete procurement cycle. Our highly developed procurement team takes the necessary measures to ensure our equipment deliveries meet your deadlines while remaining in close communication with your construction team throughout the construction phase of your project.
Relationships are critical when hiring your team. All H+M departments are in-house, allowing a seamless flow of information from engineering drawings, datasheets, and model material take-offs through procurement and material management before being issued to the field.
H+M Advantages

Our Procurement Management Solutions and Material Services

When you partner with H+M for procurement, we deliver industry-leading procurement management solutions and material services.

Supplier Management and Expertise

We work frequently and closely with our trusted suppliers, managing critical vendor data to ensure on-time delivery.

Master Supply Chain Database

We utilize our proven supply chain management system to convert engineering data to purchase orders and manage material allocation for construction.

Detailed Status Reporting

H+M provides detailed internal and external status reporting, including pre-planning of purchase orders and material take-offs.

Material Specification Control

Whether you have material specifications or would like us to create them for you, we manage material specifications within our supply chain management system, and we ensure you are provided with the correct materials.

Material Storage Solutions

We have ample material storage space in accordance with detailed storage procedures to properly preserve materials.

Source Inspection and Factory Testing

H+M provides in-house coordination to determine the level of inspection required for each purchase order and works with inspectors before site delivery to eliminate onsite delays and ensure all products and materials meet the requirements.

Detailed Product Order Planning 

Based on schedule requirements, we provide detailed requisition planning to ensure proper sequencing and timely delivery.

Strategic Supplier Network

Strong relationships with trusted suppliers and vendors eliminate any red tape, further securing schedule certainty regardless of unforeseen events that could delay project delivery.

Experienced Supply Chain Management Staff

Our highly experienced and dedicated supply chain management experts and established procurement management solutions provide seamless procurement to drive project success.

"H+M’s strong relationships and product alignment with key suppliers ensures that project materials are readily available regardless of schedule requirements and unanticipated events that could delay project delivery."

Terry Baker
Supply Chain Manager
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