Brownfield Custom Design Scrubber Installation
2 months
Scope of Services
Front-End Planning
Detail Engineering & Design
Key insights
  • Project included the simulation of client’s process inputs
  • Consultation with tower internals company to size packing and liquid/vapor distribution      
  • Fabrication for the project was 100% completed at the H+M shop

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The client requested a scrubber to be designed, fabricated, and placed in a pre-existing space at the facility. H+M performed its own simulation to ensure scrubbing efficiency met customer requirements and fit into the limited design space that was given. In essence, the creativity of the design team was to reverse engineer a scrubber in an existing space that also met the customer permit requirements.

The Problem

The client was developing a new process and needed custom designed scrubbers that would fit in a pre-determined, limited space while meeting environmental permitting requirements. In addition, the project was on a very tight 2-month timeline for completion when H+M was introduced to the project.


Our team had to design and build four (4) custom scrubbers in a 2-month timeline. Due to space limitations, not only did the scrubber have to perform to meet environmental permit requirements, H+M had to ensure the scrubber could be disassembled for future maintenance.


Due to the existing space provided by the client for placing the scrubbers, H+M implemented a creative solution by building the largest scrubber in the space provided that met permitting requirements and was maintenance-friendly. Laser scanning was performed on the empty space at the facility and the design was then modeled into that space. The project was very process-heavy and the team worked with 3rd party vendors to do selections for the client based on simulation results. Based on that, the scrubber was designed and fabricated for the client to meet specifications and was delivered on time and on budget within a 2-month window. Feedback from the client was that the scrubbers are performing as per the simulation results predicted.

"This project really showed the speed and creativity with which H+M can execute design/build (EPC) projects. This project was truly a team effort to meet a very aggressive client deadline."
David Bull
Sr. Project Manager - H+M Industrial EPC

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