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H+M ensures your construction stays on schedule with its procurement management solutions & material services. We are experts in the complete procurement cycle, so our equipment deliveries will meet your deadlines and we will remain in close communication with your construction team throughout.
Relationships are important when it comes to hiring your team. All H+M departments are in-house to maintain a seamless flow of information from engineering drawings, datasheets, and model MTO’s through procurement and material management prior to being issued to the field.
H+M Advantages

Procurement Management Solutions & Material Services

  • Supplier Management and Expertise
  • Master Supply Chain Database
  • Detailed Status Reporting
  • Material Specification Control
  • Material Storage Solutions
  • Source Inspection and Factory Testing
  • Detailed Purchase Order Planning
  • Supplier Management
  • Strategic Supplier Network
  • Experienced Supply Chain Management Staff

"H+M’s strong relationships and product alignment with key suppliers ensures that project materials are readily available regardless of schedule requirements and unanticipated events that could delay project delivery."

Terry Baker
Supply Chain Manager
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Thermal Oxidizer Construction

This project involved the installation of VOC capture and destruction equipment (Thermal Oxidizer) to substantially reduce VOC emissions to the atmosphere. This project modified a tank farm, truck rack, warehouse, rail spur, and installed a thermal oxidizer, bladder tanks, and all associated equipment, piping, and instruments.

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