Thermal Oxidizer Construction
10 months
Scope of Services
Industrial Fabrication Services
Key insights
  • New vapor return system and Thermal Oxidizer
  • Retrofit and addition of existing plant infrastructure
  • Tight timeline to meet Environmental Compliance date
  • Commissioning Support was provided to ensure Thermal Oxidizer was successfully FAT tested

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This project involved the installation of VOC capture and destruction equipment (Thermal Oxidizer) to substantially reduce VOC emissions to the atmosphere. This project modified a tank farm, truck rack, warehouse, rail spur, and installed a thermal oxidizer, bladder tanks, and all associated equipment, piping, and instruments.

The Problem

The client needed our expertise to retrofit their storage tank farm to add a VOC capture and thermal oxidation system to meet consent a consent decree. Multiple client procured, major equipment items’ schedules were critical path elements for construction.


Existing tanks and structures surrounding those tanks made the installation a challenge. Design modifications were required, and consultation with the designer of record and H+M engineering resources were required to ensure timeline was met. Major equipment delivery timelines were tied to construction and had to be carefully managed.


Outcomes included: Installation of 300 CY of concrete foundations, installation of 45 tons of new fabricated structural steel, installation of 3000 LF of carbon steel pipe, installation of 400 LF of stainless steel pipe, installation of thermal oxidizer, bladder tanks, support equipment and instrumentation, retrofit of existing tank farm platform to meet OSHA compliance. The client was successful in meeting their compliance date through successful commissioning and FAT test of equipment, enabled by construction that met schedule and cost.

"The key to our success on this project was close coordination of construction activities and the design activities which supported it. We achieved the client's goal through attention to detail and careful management."
Patrick Grolemund
Project Manager - H+M Industrial EPC

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